Zechariah 1:3 "Therefore say to them, thus says Yahu of hosts, return to me, says Yahu of hosts, and I will return to you, says Yahu of hosts. Do not be like your fathers to whom the former prophets preached saying thus says Yahu of hosts turn now from your evil ways and your evil deeds, but they did not hear nor heed me, says Yahu."

Isaiah 55:6 "Seek Yahu while he may be found! Call upon him while he is near! Let the wicked forsake his way and the unrighteous man his thoughts, let him return to Yahu and he will have mercy on him, and to our Elohim(God) for he will pardon abundantly."

Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says Yahu, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. Then you will call upon me and go and pray to me and I will listen to you, and you will seek me and find me, when you search for me with all your heart."

James 4:8 "Draw near to Elohim(God) and he will draw near to you."


The 1st lie told to mankind was that the Word of the creator can be ignored. As if his words were not pure truth, and that we will not perish or suffer any ill consequence in life if we intentionally sin against what he in love has instructed us to do.

The serpent even had the woman believing that they would be disadvantaged if they listened and obeyed!

Think now, doesn't something about the teaching of the serpent seem oddly familiar to you today?..

Genesis 3:4 "And the serpent said to the woman, you shall not surely die."

The time has come for us to awaken and no longer ignore the Word of our creator for selfish delusions or worthless words from false guides.
Return to him, his Word is Truth!

I am Andrew ben-Donald, a servant of Yahu, the creator of the heavens, the earth, the sea, and all that is in them. Yahu is the Elohim of elohim!
It is he who my ancestors Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, served and put their hope and trust in.
I was a lost sheep wandering in the wilderness, ready to be devoured, but Yahu who delights in mercy looked down to me from his holy place on high. Though I was pathetic, malnourished, and filthy, not appearing like much worth even bothering with, with tender mercy he rushed to me and covered me, and saved me as if I was precious to him.. 😭
He has redeemed me and called me by name. The spirit of my Elohim is in my heart!

This website is a project I've made.. for you.
I wish you could know how much I mean that. I am constantly in sorrow.. My heart feels like it's melting within me, because of what Yahu and his Messiah have made bare before me concerning this generation. I want all people in the world to live, and we all rejoice as children in this gift of life given to us from Yahu, but they walk in death, oblivious.. This is that wilderness I mentioned that I too was once lost in.
So I have labored with the hope that I could deliver a message to every person, though I am shattered if I think about how that is not really possible, without a miracle.
I seek to support others in their growth, and shine the truth concerning the will of Elohim, the scriptures, and the dark world, to those who've unknowingly been ensnared and hypnotized by the dark world's system. The children of men are drunken on the world, they must sober up to regain their senses, or else they will soon be swept away and removed. People do not think an entire generation would be removed, as if enough people do wrong then it somehow becomes acceptable to Elohim. It has happened before, and the Messiah has told us it's going to be like those days 1 more time. In those days at the peak of civilization Yahu put the entire world away by baptizing the earth and cleansing it of corruption and uncleanness, and preserved a holy seed to be planted on the earth.
Please fast from the world so you can sober up and receive what I'm trying to deliver, and what I'm trying to deliver is not of me.

Before I can get to the various sections and start imparting, I will need to go over an introduction here to ease you in and explain a few things, otherwise if you skip ahead you may misunderstand, or misjudge the information and me, and too hastily turn away.
Don't feel like there is some destination that you can rush to, our growth sometimes is like a trial that takes understanding to advance to the next level, and entertaining spirits of impatience cause us to remain lost in a maze.
Go for familiarity. This comes with time spent somewhere, and is enhanced after every night of sleep. I'm not saying just here with me, but mainly with our Father and the scriptures in general.
Music can sometimes help our focus and memory, so the music box above is for you if you can find a track that augments your attention. You can also change tracks anytime from the menu accessed by clicking the bottom corner buttons.
For those using a keyboard, you can also control the music box with the left, right, and ESC, keys.
I've added a "Save and Quit" feature, it's also located on the menu. Use it whenever you need a break, and when you return you will be teleported back to your last page and scroll position.
I designed this project for a Windows Desktop/Laptop, with Chrome, and a 1080p monitor. For the best experience try to use something close to that, if possible.

I go by the calling Andrew ben-Donald because in an atypical dream, Yahu with his terribly powerful voice called to me in that manner.
In Hebrew, ben means son, and this is how Yisraeli were named in the past, they did not have surnames. He called to me from the heavens, and his voice made all of my strength flee away and I collapsed down to the ground. I would shakily start to get back up, but he would repeat this and I would fall back down powerless. It caused me to wake up and be terrified for my life, and also be questioning why he was calling me the son of my earthly father. He had died young, just months after I was born. You see, it made me wonder if it was some sort of meaning that I was given up to death.

Sometime around after that dream, my work computer "glitched" and somehow played a Youtube video by itself. My work PC has been on while I am awake and sometimes asleep for many years, and that is definitely not a normal occurrence that it navigates to a song and starts playing it by itself.
It was a song based on Isaiah 43:1-3, and while I was at 1st startled because I was laying on my bed(couch) at night, reflecting on things in my quiet house, the fear I had been holding about the dream and other things changed into love and joy, a feeling came over me as if to help cause me to feel and understand the words were from Yahu at that moment, to me, to accompany that dream I did not know the meaning of. I then knew Yahu had not given me over to death and he was not going to allow it to have me. A huge relief after suffering in body for so long unsure of how he felt about me.. Worse than death to me was being afraid he didn't love me anymore..

Some weeks after that dream, in Dec 2019, Yahu sent word to me through a prophet, a man that I had never met, that tracked me down not even knowing me. This happened in response to a prayer I had prayed to Yahu just minutes earlier. I was in sore distress ready to give up living. I asked him to please send someone to me to help me. Yahu heard me and in love gave me mercy. Yahu sent the help, help that was far better than I imagined.
Beyond the help that I asked for, something unexpected, I was told that I was going to be used by him. I still am not sure what that means in full, but I'm anxiously excited. Maybe this project is part of my "work", and is why I take it seriously despite many not being supportive of this passion.
Many have proven they prefer me to remain silent and will only tolerate me if I do so, made evident by abasing attitudes and unwarranted flaring spirits of hostility. I try to not let it get me down too much though and focus on my goal, being birthed out of this world and given into my Father's embrace.

Then, some weeks after that experience, Yahushua the Messiah, the one that the world calls "Je'sus", was before me in a dream, we were in an endless white void, and I was standing there confused because it was like I was asleep not knowing anything then suddenly put there wide awake. He briefly spoke to me about my diet.
I had been dying in body for that last year not even knowing why, but after that dream I've went through a rejuvenation. I also have since had my eyes opened and learned that my affliction would have been labeled autoimmune, "MS". It was like my eyes were intentionally shut from being able to realize. I was in shock to understand that finally because I just went through a nightmare of being mistreated, neglected and abused, by others including "doctors" and "nurses" that I went to hoping they would help me figure out what was going on with me.
(I had no interest in their "treatments" or pharmakeia, but they didn't know that because we never made it that far.)
I feel sad for all the people in the world who are suffering yet are not being treated right by these prideful false healers who are supposed to care about others. May those who suffer turn to Yahu and be comforted, and healed. May the shame and collapse of the false healers come swiftly.
I tell you though, I early recognized that they appeared to be influenced by the invisible spirits that have sway over the hearts of man, and I accepted it as the will of the Father that I suffer and be on that path, so I did not hold any grudges nor want any of those people punished, so if you know any of their names, let's just keep it to ourselves. I praise Yahu. He is good and what he does is good. It was a bizarre experience though, if you could only see how some of them acted. I really hope the demons were at work in them and they're not always that bad.
Anyway, the details of this dream with the Messiah I will give later in a certain relevant section.

Now, these are not the only answered prayers, strange "coincidences", dreams, and outreaches of love from the Father, that I've had over the time I've been returned to my Elohim in spirit and truth, but more of the major recent developments.
I've shared a little about me for rapport and context, but the point of this project is not me, so I'm going to drop distracting focus on me as much as possible. You can learn more about me later.

Where to begin?..
"The world" has been hijacked by shadows that claim to be of the light, who've infiltrated with the help of the satan every position that they can, and they masquerade as whatever they need to in order to convince you to continue on a steady march down the path that they've chosen for you.
If the script calls for a bad guy, they will play the bad guy and make it look like they have no association with those playing the good guys.
If the script calls for a relatable hero, guess what? They'll create one in their augmented reality show and people will love them never doubting their authenticity just because they came with a back-story, as if character creation, references, and back stories can't be fabricated on the show..
Now this is one I'd really like you to understand with this circus show, if they want to control how you think about something or a group, they may use the technique of playing a member of that group to poison it. Then play out whatever manipulating strategy they've come up with to control how those on the outside will think about that group whenever it comes to mind, though also often for those within the group to usurp and grab at control of steering the herd, those within mistake them for an actual "member"/insider on their side, and they too are helped to be misled into how to think, which from what I see is things like overfocusing on the wrong ideas and key points, fogging up the information, causing everyone to look over the plain key facts of logic that could devour the illogical and then sometimes morphing into a complete failure of the original hope and cause. Think of a giant monster that many people are fighting and can not prevail because they're attacking where it wants them to attack, a fatal and heavily armored area, all the while its vulnerable underside was what it was trying to distract you from. My advice is go for the neck of the lies in this world and do not get sidetracked wasting time with uncertain or useless efforts just because devils are trying to get you distracted and burning your energy going in fruitless circles.

Their network contains many real people who are lied to and deluded, so they can use these people who are at various degrees of beliefs as much as possible in their show because these are great actors who are not "acting" but believe in their position. The ones who are in the know though, you may notice odd behaviors like smiles and laughing that doesn't quite fit to the mood, so I tell you this is a psychological reaction to being unsure of something, lacking confidence. It can reveal when someone knows what they're saying is not 100% because they are lacking confidence in saying it.

They do not want us to become aware, but to remain sleeping, remain "medicated", remain apathetic, remain gluttonous with cravings and lust, and idolizing worthless things. They plan to keep us entangled in many snares and distractions, otherwise their control over our mind may begin to slip.
Now it looks that the satan has them deceived to do his will. While they believe whatever, perhaps that they're going to all be godlike-kings in a new world order, the satan that manipulates them knows, his time is coming to a close, and this world that mocks love is ready to be erased. (Let us pray for their awakening as well, even though they hate us.)

Some think they know what I'm talking about, but if you've started to behold 1 "matrix" and think you've gained consciousness, then you're likely still in complete darkness.
This matrix they've created has matrixs within matrixs. In fact the 90s movie that made this parable popular even displayed that calculated design in the movie, but it went over most movie goers' heads who were just looking for the usual good guy vs bad guy and good guy wins in the end yay. The machines who represent those beings higher than us, calculated through everything and the people who thought they were the good guys were actually being manipulated and controlled the whole time even when they thought they were outside of the Matrix. Agent Smith who was portrayed as the enemy may actually be considered "the one", and Neo was actually a program created by the machines to contain Smith. Many movies are inspired by our reality, and they help cause people to become blind to the truth because they think it's just some movie fiction.

They create varying false points of progress, for our thoughts to move through so we can be misled by thinking we're not misled.
With precision they lead people around to cultivate pride, if they can bring the spirit of pride into you then your mind will be clouded and cease mature progress.
There is a saying, if you're not growing, you're already dead.
How easy it is for them when the blind believe they've progressed to a point beyond "others" as if they're special and those who are not in the same spot are inferior. With pride you will even become 1 with the lies and then defend them as if it was your identity being personally attacked.
They do sometimes indeed reveal some truths, but it's under their control, mixed with their confusing lies to keep you in range. Many men of the world are puppets and actors, performing on a stage according to what the dark world's writers have come up with in secret and they do it to convince us that their illusions are reality, it's akin to the people who watch pro wrestling and believe it's real.

Elohim will open your eyes so that you can see the truth, such as the world stage and the puppets and their strings. However you have to let go of any foolish pride, and take hold of love. This is the key to growth, humility and love. As much of these that you have, expect to be able to go that far in progress without stalling. Progress continuously at intervals brings about temptations to give in to pride, and to become selfish and not perform higher levels of love. To become prideful is a lack of truth and knowledge, usually resulting from rejecting truths and knowledge. Absolute truth does not allow pride, as all truths are made bare, and it's obvious where all things are standing within the hierarchy of existence.

I tell you, if you are stiff-necked and not currently worthy, you should expect to be blinded. This concept of worthy and unworthy is not from me, but you can learn it from the scriptures.
Our life is a test. If something like being able to see the world stage and all of the lies would cause you to repent and then perform what you should have been doing, don't expect it to happen.
1st do what you should be doing, then receive the rewards that will help you.
The world does not comprehend this, Elohim could force everyone to do exactly what he wants, but then we would all just be robots not living beings like him. We would not have choice, there would not be a test anymore proving our value. Love is a quantifiable value. He wants us to be real and sincere. He wants our love and he's not going to force anyone to love him.
In truth, he is fully worthy of our love and acceptance. Those who do not know this lack understanding.
So then understand, if a wicked person would repent and change their behavior from actually realizing any certain thing, because it would dissolve their pride and transfer their faith from the world to Yahu and his son, then they will have blindness, and they will stay drunk on the world and reap what they've sown. They may progress through some levels but only be repositioned in some other deception.
Therefore I say again, wake up from your slumbering, snap out of it. Choose humility and love. Begin reforging your personality and rewiring your circuits.
There is an array of positions people sit in. Many people have a level of faith and goodness, but being still in this test of life, they may not get to realize great things such as the real gifts of the spirit since that would give them more faith than they worked for. They would've had enough if they kept progressing and doing what they should've been doing, humility and love leads to perfect faith. So even though they may be part of his people and have some faith, to see an obvious gift of the spirit would cause them to unnaturally progress and affect their test. I hope I'm speaking in an understandable way, I'm intending on restoring your hope in what the world taught you is fruitless. I want all of his people to go closer to him. And to realize they're getting out what they're putting in, to not lie to themselves that they act and believe the way they do because they previously "tried" when they really didn't do much of anything. They would probably quickly recognize and admit that if it was about someone else who was not really trying towards them.

Many modern Christians are like a form of atheist, what I mean is they are not really seeking and following him from their heart, but are more of just doing some motions and traditions for "just in case" thinking the amount of "effort" they're willing to do is going to save them. They're also usually rationing out their time and effort for that against the things of the world they love. The amount of faith they have then dictates how far they are willing to go with their "religion". Many of these people are even leaders. People trust them to teach them what is best but since they are only willing to go so far for the Elohim that they prove by their works they don't even belive his words, when they see things that are contrary to their "religion" and traditions, their current ways, they ignore it, because they do not have enough love and faith to be willing to go "that far". Especially since it often means admitting fault, few have enough faith and humility to ever consider lowering their pride and admit they are plainly mistaken.
If you can't comprehend these fruits yet and don't know who to let help guide you, the path is obvious and simple, 1st stop being lazy like others can do all of the work for you and save you, and let Yahu and Yahushua lead you, you have their words in reach. Modern teachers tend to not even teach the scriptures. Many of them are doing encouraging and helpful things but if they're not going to actually share the scriptures you'll need to do that on your own time. They like to do something that's sorta like overfocusing on single sentences, so hearing 1 sentence a week is not the way to understand, or show you care and are making effort. You can't get close to anyone if you only allow them to speak 1 sentence to you per week. Some of you out there it's more like 1 sentence per month, some per year. You know this and if someone you cared about did this to you, how would you feel?

The world that is mocking Elohim doesn't know that he would reward them with blindness, therefore they foolishly believe things like he is too weak to give them a sign to cause them to repent.. Should the wicked be rewarded for their wickedness?

Psalm 18:25 "With the merciful you show yourself merciful, with the blameless man you show yourself blameless. With the pure you will show yourself pure, and with the wayward you will show yourself awry."
Mark 4:12 "So that seeing they may see and not perceive, and hearing they may hear and not understand, lest they should turn and their sins be forgiven them."
2 Thessalonians 2:11 "And for this reason Elohim will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness."
James 4:6 "..Elohim resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble."

I have accepted that I can't force you, or anyone, to see, or to love, since he himself will not even do that. Should we expect to exercise a power that he does not even use?
I pray though that he continues to press on such people and give them openings to circumcise their heart. While he lets people have the blindness they have chosen, he doesn't want us to be blind, but we have to work with him. Go to him like a humble child, afterall you are literally his child!

If some things I share you can't yet accept, at least let it remain in your memory and maybe you will come back to it later and see things differently, perhaps when you start recognizing it for yourself. Please though even if you can't accept all, still continue on through what I'm sharing so that you may accept what you currently are able.

So now that we've gotten these things out of the way;

 That there are false guides abounding, helping spin a false reality that we're born into and are led to accept without questioning.

 That we are not really doing as much as we usually think we are if we're honest and just think what if someone was treating us the way we're treating our Father.

 That repenting in faith and starting to work both love and humility will fast-track our growth. Love has different contexts and the world teaches you to only think in terms of 1 meaning, yet the scriptures when they speak of love are sometimes using the other form and meaning; Love is a work, a verb, not a feeling. Therefore love is quantifiable. Remember, faith without works, is dead. Seek to understand all things in context, not by filters of inherited tradition.

 And very importantly, that even if you think you're absolutely too far gone, too filthy, not good enough, Yahu still loves you and WANTS you. He wants you to call to him and return to him and remember who you truly are. As it was said, those who are forgiven much, love much. Therefore some of the closest to Elohim were once those who were the farthest away. He has shown us these things in his scriptures, repeatedly, such as with the apostle Paul who called himself a chief sinner, he persecuted and stood by as those who followed the Messiah were murdered, yet Elohim took him and transformed him into a great apostle that went on and worked miracles and taught many countries the knowledge of Elohim. I myself am a testimony to this. I was not born righteous nor raised up sheltered from all evil. I was born into and raised up in the world, I've experienced the vanities and sins, I know their powers that they can exert on a person's heart. I wonder if this is part of why Father has shown me favor in my efforts to share, not just out of love for me, but out of love for all of you, to prove to you that if you repent and accept his new covenant, you will be accepted and made clean, your shame and errors forgotten thanks to the work of his son who gave himself for us and suffered in our place. By this Yahu and Yahushua both have proven that they love you! Yahu doesn't expect you to be perfect, but rather admit to yourself that you're not. We are like the animals, we're made of dirt, we are not elohims.
But in saying this, understand, he knows exactly what each individual is capable of. If he says you can do something and you tell him no you can't, you call him a liar. So let's not go through life without trying, falling back on the fact that we are not perfect and make errors. You know full well you can make less errors if you care enough to try. When we do the evil the satan wants us to do we give occasion for the enemies of Yahu to mock. Let's not grieve the holy spirit.

As I said, now that I got that out of the way, I can start sharing the important knowledge that I initially made this project for way back around 2011.

EDIT 9/13/21: The website is being built right now, it's coming back soon. The rest has been taken away for now while I edit.
None of the links work they were just placeholders while testing and do not reflect what the final choices are, I was just getting a feel for what it may look like.

If it is the will of the Father, I will have the website back for sharing to you in time before it's too late.
I started this website around 2011, but took it down after becoming unwell in 2019.
Please keep checking back and don't forget about me. I've made the website look different than what you're used to seeing on the web, to make it harder for you to forget, so hopefully it works!

I'd like to share quickly since I regret not telling others back in 2019; Whatever you may think concerning the current crisis the world is facing, I suggest avoid being "tested". I'm saying do not let them swab your sinuses if you can avoid it. If possible choose the burdens from avoiding the "test" such as quarantine.

Daily keep reading his scriptures and seek him in prayer hoping to form a relationship with him, and hopefully I see you here again.
Instead of only hearing about his words from other men, hear them for yourself, he has given you an invitation to meet him personally.

E-mail: leviyahu@yahu.info

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