Page taken offline for editing. I plan to have it back up soon.

Sorry for the delay, I've been through a lot since last year and like some other certain things I've experienced, I don't really know how to talk about it and have just been keeping it to myself.

On my journey to get as close to the Father as I possibly could after he sent his Word to me Dec 2019, I feel like I may've met the devil in a sense Oct 2021. Since then I've been seriously struggling with a number of things and have never felt such pressure on me. I feel like on the positive side my understanding of the satan and his works and the deceits he is doing in secret to people to manipulate them has broadened.
So due to this I've been away from programming and editing websites for awhile.
Still yet, I felt like the spirit of the Father was near me and fighting for me, helping me not utterly fall. I believe through the spirit I was also taught things lately I never understood fully before, serious matters that added to the weight on my soul; The children of the right hand and the children of the left hand, the 2 lots on the earth. We must be children of the right hand, those who do not put themselves in position above the Father and his word but submit to it, fully yeilding and trusting him who knows best absolute.

Anyway, check back soon for the page to be back.

-Andrew ben Donald 5/18/22